Jenkins Android Emulator Plugin QEMU2 support

project I’m involved in desperately needed the new Android Emulator support for Jenkins. In July I took over the issues regarding the QEMU2-Emulator support and started my first real OSS involvement. Previously I simply did some bug-tracing, send some small patches, … but no real feature implementation.

Many people helped testing the feature and gave a lot of feedback. So I want to thank them for there help and all the testing. Because after this long time, the plugin finally got released! Wooohoooo!!!!

WOW… I’m online…

Funny, the plan to have my own Blog is quiet old. I just ‘rediscovered’ my first intentions recently. The one and only post dates around 10 years back 😉

The reason why I want to run a blog are still the same as then though: This should be a place to keep notes and research results gathered while development, bug tracing, … which would simply be lost otherwise.

And additionally I will post updates to any FLOSS activities I stumble over.